How to Get Fair Skin in 1 Week Naturally
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How to Get Fair Skin in 1 Week Naturally: – Enhance the Facial Looks

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Today, every person wishes to have smoother and flawless looking face and for achieving of that glowing looks mostly people consider cream and pills that will offer results along with the side effects.

These side effects will leads to ruin the skin’s health and diminish the remaining cuteness of face. Do you also want fairer and glowing looks of face in few times? Then wait, because today we are going to share some important tips that will works to enhance the looks of face.

Tips to Get Fairer Looks of Face

Here we are listing some essential tips and ingredients that will promote to have fairer appearance of face: –

  • Orange with Turmeric Powder

Orange contains vitamin C and vitamin C is very essential for good skin’s health. Turmeric is one of best source for getting fairer and flawless looks of face because it works to deliver best nutrients in the skin and reduce the free radical sign from skin. It make skin firm and smoother and it effects are longer lasting.

How to Use: –

Get half teaspoon of turmeric and two teaspoons of lime juice and mix it and apply it on face and retain it overnight and then wash it with water at the morning.

  • Yogurt with Dried Orange Peels

Lactic Acid is usually found in the yogurt and citric acid is found in the orange peels and these two things will works to bleach the skin and give fairer skin tone.

How to Use: –

You have to take some dried orange peels and grind it and make them powder and mix it to the plain yogurt. Then, apply it on the face and keeps it for 30 minutes and wash it with water.

  • Papaya and Cucumber Pack

This face pack is filled with lots of nutrients, multi vitamins; powerful antioxidants that works to boost the collagen level in the skin and remove the discoloration problems, reduce the dark spots and give flawless facial appearance. It lifts your skin and give clearer, younger looking face.

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How to Use: –

You have taken some slices of papaya and cucumber and mix it with the help of blender and wait until it gets smooth. You have to mix some fresh cream milk in this pack and apply it gently on the face and retain it for 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes of application of this pack, wash your face with water.


We believe that all things ingredients and steps will support you to achieve flawless looks of face. These packs will works to reduce whole imperfections of the face and offer younger and clearer looks on face. It is pure and safe source for getting flawless looking face.

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