Keep Your Eyelashes Looking Great
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Keep Your Eyelashes Looking Great

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Don’t we all just want to roll our eyes on the girls who flutter their eyelashes unnecessarily to flock all the attention from around them! No matter what you say but you’ve to accept the fact that they’ve got the prettiest swirls of lashes! You wish somewhere deep down to have the same and look like a dream girl with big eyes and big curled lashes and people just don’t get tired of complimenting them! Trust me, it isn’t impossible! Though you must have tried all the hacks and remedies, let’s go through a few more we’ve brought today. These natural tactics will surely make a dent in what you’re longing for.

  • Carrier Oils – That shine though!

Too much oil, though, isn’t good for the perfectly toned body you’ve got after so much of hard work but a few drops of the carrier oils certainly have astounding results on the growth of your eyelashes. Be it castor oil, olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil or any other, the fatty acids and the antioxidants in them nurture your hair follicles and restore their growth. They leave them healthy, long and shiny as never before!

  • Lemon Peel – A Sour Savior

Where lemon enhances the flavors in any recipe you pick, they undoubtedly serve as a great ingredient in the recipes to beautify your lashes too. The lemon peel is clogged up with an abundant storage of folic acid and vitamin B and C that plays a vital role in hair growth. Besides, it can also be used by infusing it into the oils thus increasing the effects and letting you rejoice the benefits of both.

  • Shea butter – Grease it up

Yeah! We know greasing your lids and lashes is gross as hell but a bit of discomfort is worth the fine results that’ll come afterward. Shea butter is used since ages in some parts of the world to embellish the skin, hair, and nails. Loaded in it are Vitamin A and E which makes it an exceptional product to give your hair a desirable length and shine. Not only this but it’ll sooth your irritated and dry skin by lubricating it and your lash line.  

  • The Aloe Vera Wizardry

It seems like Aloe Vera is some kind of a magic! Whatever beauty problem you have, it comes out as one of the best solutions to it! Here, when you’re making efforts to have long attractive eyelashes, it has emerged as a savior again. Having a crazy amount of conditioning agents in it, this incredible herb helps hydrate your hair to the cores and nourish them with absolutely no side effects. Top Vouchers Code, an online discount provider, have a plenty of huge brands providing you such Aloe Vera containing products.  

  • The Lid Massage

One of the most important things to promote growth is circulation. The way you knead and massage your scalp and blow out those sighs of relaxation are equally essential for your eyes. Massaging your eyelids and the areas near the roots of your lashes makes blood and oxygen reach there and cause them to flesh out. Just use your fingertips, do it several times every day and get fantastic results out of this extremely easy hack.

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Where all these natural remedies have matchless bring about, one sometimes needs to let the cosmetics take the charge. Times when you’ve literally got no time to wait and let your lashes grow out candidly, the phenomenal makeup products and fine techniques do the needful. Let the world banter about the time all the remedies take while you make that gap count by glamorizing yourself classy self! We’ve jotted below some of those gooky game plans for you to make you look enchanting in every way possible!

  • The Warm Curl

You must be aware of the glamorous effect a lash curler has! But we bet you aren’t aware of the upshot a “warm” lash curler has! A small tool can do nothing unless you know all the tricks to get dauntless things done by it. Next time before turning your lashes upwards, warm up your curler with a hairdryer and get a deeper curl in just a few seconds. Just make sure not to be ablaze!

  • Prime Your Lashes

Is it a long day you’re looking forward to? Even if it isn’t, your makeup should never start slackening down after only an hour or two! A lash primer is what will save you and let you make it smoothly throughout the day! Just the way you use your face primer, apply it before you put anything else on your eyelashes and make your mascara stay a lot longer without falling off from the corners.    

  • A Perfect Mascara

Oh, that volume and color a mascara gives to the lashes is so divine! Just one or two strokes of one from a decent brand will do it for you. Ensure to apply a layer from roots to tips and to not let your mascara clump your lashes together that comes off as flakes then! Use a medium-sized brush and not those oversized and bushy ones to get that flawless look!

  • A Pinch of Powder

Well, this definitely is something heard less often! While everybody powder up their bodies and faces, you put on some on your lashes. Yes! It amazingly works! Get a fine layer of mascara, smear a little powder on it, put on another layer of mascara upon it and boom! You’ll be all primed up with a flutter of elongated lashes!

  • Occasional Falsies

Things take time! The natural outgrowth of hair follicles too needs an ample amount of time to surge up. Till then some artificial won’t ever be a bad idea! The cosmetic market out there is crowded with a cluster of pretty and fuller lashes! Clasp onto them, watch some tutorials, and bang into the events and weddings with a fascinating makeover. You’ll rock it with no shadows of doubts!

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